Tastii Coffee

Coffee is a traditional drink, originated from Abissynia (present-day Ethiopia) and introduced in Europe mainly in France and Italy where its fame started. It is an energetic and invigorating drink, has exotic flavors and aromas and exquisite taste. +55 27 99995 1904 [Whatsapp]

Morning is an empty word until it is filled with a cup of hot coffee. Edna Frigato
  • Create a name for a coffee that will initially be exported to China and then to other markets. The name should convey joviality, have global pronunciation and have meanings that brings status or tradition symbols.
  • According to a legend, around the 6th century, a goat herder named Kaldi tended his flock in the highlands of Ethiopia when he observed a strange fact: his goats seemed more agitated than usual, jumping and kicking. Kaldi looked around and saw that there were dark-leafed bushes with small red fruits that made the goats full of energy. Curious, the shepherd would have chewed some of those fruits and felt strangely refreshed. From then on, the world had more energy.
  • Higher consumption among young professionals
  • Rise of the middle class and a better overall standard of living
  • Increased female consumption (growing middle- class young people represent the main customer by 75% and among them the female share represents the largest share of 70%)
  • Growing Attention to Professionalism, Drinks and Personalized Services

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